Gönderen Konu: my collections trainsets of slovenian railways and the model ho emu sz gomulka  (Okunma sayısı 2078 defa)

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hallo.......today i have a very famous eletrics trainsets from polish called ''gomulka''i remember that the sz 311/315/- these trainsets until the early 90's to make a change to the service center in Trieste centrale in Italy are similar to the en-57-PKP-
Of course, relative machines ran over the Poland.
Series 311/315 sz (Gomulka)
State Manufacturer Pafawag Wroclaw in Poland
Year of construction
-1964 And 1974/75
Some units are still about 6 in the service of Slovenian Railways
the video real of sz emu and sz gomulka

of my models collections of slovenian emu-trainsets 8)

technique of plastic molding and INJECTON and make a small''production''which is very rare among railway model.
engines are the black-beetle or tenshodo
For information on the production of Gomulka model
jocif.milos @ siol.net
on my model I've made and some changes and I was able to put the engine in as the true center trainsests Added the mirrors, the air conditioner and the lighthouse central-
thank to friends milos-milan and the friends of modelni vlaki -

my hompage with others models
bye loko